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Massage Therapy

Are you living with pain, stress or anxiety?massage_therapist_katharine_chaney
You don’t have to…

Come to my quiet and convenient San Rafael office for relief – healing, relaxing, and detoxifying massage therapy. As a certified massage therapist and licensed acupuncturist, I bring you health and joy through Chinese medicine.

I’ll help you get unstuck — to let go of the ingrained patterns that cause discomfort and hold you back. Working with your body’s natural ability to heal, I provide input that reduces pain, calms your senses and improves your digestion and hormonal functions.

Among my specialties are:

What to expect from your massage treatment

I use a blend of Asian massage techniques — Tui Na, reflexology, acupressure, Jin Shin Jytsu and Chi Nei Tsang — to help you relax and restore balance.

Through a customized, whole-body massage, acupuncture treatment or combination of the two, I  focus on relieving tenderness and irritation and preventing further flare-ups. Rather than addressing just the symptomatic area, I work on the deep causes of pain without triggering more.

In warm, serene surroundings, you’ll experience a blend of circulation-awakening massage, passive stretching, and acupuncture if you choose. The result? You leave relaxed and energized, able to release thoughts formerly dominated by aches or distress.

Safe, relaxing clothes-on massage therapy

Bring stretchy shorts, sweats or yoga clothes so you’ll be comfortable and relaxed for our session. You’ll get the full range-of-motion benefits from the stretching exercises when your clothes allow you to move freely.

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